Where is Port Elizabeth?

Port Elizabeth is in South Africa. It is a booming tourist destination and becoming more and more popular with visitors all year round. Port Elizabeth hotels are of a good standard and accommodate many tourists. Many Port Elizabeth hotels are set on the edge of the Blue Flag beaches.

What can I do at Port Elizabeth?

Port Elizabeth is known as the watersports capital of South Africa so you can do many different activities here. Most Port Elizabeth hotels will have details of where you can partake in the various sports and the approximate costs.

Where is Port Elizabeth seaport?

Port Elizabeth is one of the major seaports in South Africa. It has one of the largest motor vehicle industries with many factories moving to Port Elizabeth to manufacture at a lower cost. Good, highly skilled local labour makes production effective.

Where is Port Elizabeth football stadium situated?

Port Elizabeth hotels were put to their test during the World Cup games in 2010 as some of them were held at Port Elizabeth. Football fans from all over the world came and descended on Elizabeth hotels and were treated to great football with fantastic South African hospitality.

Elizabeth hotels are being developed all the time and the whole city is being invested in and redeveloped. Port Elizabeth used to be called the 10 minute city because that is all it took to get anywhere. With continual improvements and expansion, this is no longer applicable. There are many new places to see and future plans are exciting and look certain to reaffirm Port Elizabeth’s place on the map.

How do I get to Elizabeth hotels?

There is a major airport at Port Elizabeth which makes getting to the city much easier – in fact infrastructure across Port Elizabeth is greatly improved.


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